Creativity Meets Strategy.

The Bloomfield Group, Inc. delivers top creative solutions and sage marketing guidance with friendly, personalized service. 

Founded in 1997 and incorporated in 2000, the Bloomfield Group is a woman-owned MarketingAdvertising and Branding Design Firm We have the creative horsepower and breadth of experience in successfully branding and marketing people, companies, products and services to provide our clients with lasting results and a positive marketing ROI.

 IN-HOUSE CREATIVE  We conceive and design all essential materials in-house, then  assist with planning scheduled implementation. This streamlines the creative process and typically results in lower overall marketing costs.  Visit SERVICES >> to learn more now.

CONSULTIVE APPROACH — We work with companies and organizations of all sizes to bring their brand, key message points and marketing materials current and consistent.  We design and deliver refined marketing concepts and materials aimed at maximizing positive brand awareness. Our #1 goal is to help our clients to generate more and better quality business with less effort and greater ROI.

EXPERIENCED CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT — With an emphasis on the visual, we adjust and hone your brand and core message points to align with today’s marketplace.  Employing the fundamentals of psycho-analytics, we create compelling, dynamic marketing concepts and materials that allow you to connect with your audience on a cognitive and an emotional level.  This strengthens your message and accelerates results.

COMPETITIVE POSITIONING Becoming and/or staying ‘Top-of-Mind” is critical in today’s market.  Top-of-mind is relative and something of a moving target. If I’m shopping for a car, brand names for sports drinks don’t enter my mind. Hyundai, Ford or Mercedes might, however.  Top-of-mind also relates to market position which may include price, quality, geography and other underling factors.

PRINTING AND WEB HOSTING — We are neither a printer nor a web hosting company.  When the design and production phase is complete, we can coordinate with your printer or web host company, or work with our select vendors to handle everything for you.

As Founder and Creative Solutionist, my goal is to refine, align and focus our clients marketing vision, improve their corporate image, strengthen their connection with their “A” customers, and improve their bottom line.

we deliver a spectrum of creative marketing solutions to clients in Southern California and around the world.

— — — — George Bloomfield
— — — — President