What do you consider to be the 3 most important requirements for successful corporate branding? (Best Branding Practices)

  1. Make sure all your branded materials utilize the most current version of your company’s logo, slogan, and key messaging
  2. Develop a comprehensive document that succinctly defines the rules for your company’s brand (i.e., Do’s & Don’t) — Specific mechanical specifications of your logo (colors, fonts, etc.)
  3. Get an honest and accurate assessment of how your brand resonates with your customer – internal and external

Recent Projects

Chris Escabosa’s Website: WordPress – Chris is an accomplished, Emmy Award-wining hair and makeup stylist. The Bloomfield Group designed and produced Escobosa’s logo, website and print collateral.

SouthSTAR Engineering: WordPress – The Bloomfield Group designed and developed the website, refined the SouthSTAR logo, and provided custom photography to enhance the web theme.