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Is your company “BrandCentric”?  When your branded marketing materials begin to look as though they come from different companies, you’re entering dangerous territory.  Before you realize it, your customers can become confused and disengaged by your lack of brand and message consistency.

How do know if you’re “BrandCentric”?  Take a good look at all your current marketing materials, both print and web: business cards to one-sheets, brochures to print ads, golfballs to office signs, and don’t forget your website.  These are your “Marketing Assets”.  These assets had a cost and they should deliver maximum, measurable value (ROI).

The Challenge — Think of your favorite car, shoe or cereal, what specific name comes to mind? What’s your favorite color, or animal?  Ask someone else the same questions and you’ll likely get a completely different answer.  We all have unique ideals and preferences.

So, how do you Brand your product or service to capture more or your market share?  Now you understand the challenge and value of effective, consistent Branding.

Our Approach — Often, a quick review of your Branded Materials — business cards to website — may expose significant misalignment between your company’s Branded Assets.  You may immediately recognize specific disconnects caused by the unavoidable adaptations over time.  Your customers are even more sensitive to these disconnects

A few things to consider:

  1. Define & Validate – Has your product or key Value Proposition changed recently?
  2. Damage Control – Let go of marketing materials and practices that are working against you.
  3. Inventory Optimization - Utilize remaining hard materials efficiently, and ONLY if they provide accurate and current information.

There are two sides to Branding well.
First – Your logo is a carefully crafted, often very simple mark that represents your company, product or service.  A slogan may help to define your brand with aspects or traits unique to you distilled into memorable phrase. Second – Key positioning statements communicate essential values and benefits associated with your offering.  Together, these Branding Assets clearly define and effectively “differentiate” you within your market space.

When optimized, synchronized and implemented effectively throughout your corporate materials, advertising and marketing collateral, you become “Brand-Centric”.  You’ll earn a position in the prime real estate of your customer’s (or prospect’s) retained associative memory.

The Branding of A City
Bloomfield Group won the contract to rebrand the City of Lake Elsinore.  This project was both a wonderful challenge and a blast to develop and execute.  Working in concert with all the City’s major stakeholders, we developed a unique, City-specific new brand.  This award-winning new Brand was developed and delivered for a fraction of what most small cities were paying for a similar rebranding campaign, and in a fraction of the time.

We listened carefully to the often conflicting opinions, wants and concerns presented by members of the Branding Committee.  Then, without diluting our concepts in compromise, we created a completely original logo and slogan that honors all of the City’s many diverse and distinctive attributes — it’s rich history and it’s Vision for the future.  We also developed and delivered a comprehensive Branding Toolkit that made it easy for residents, businesses, the City and the Chamber of Commerce embrace and utilize the many new brand assets.  This new brand has been widely embraced, and is recognized by a USC professor as …bold and original…not following the cookie-cutter ‘Live. Work. Play.’ solutions of other branding agencies’.  This project was a blast!  Thank you Lake Elsinore.”  

Implementation of this new brand, though budget-sensative, was strategically staged and extensive — giving a fresh, consistent look to every department and facet of the City.  Finished materials included; print advertising, collateral, public information materials, street banners and street signs to cast park monuments, uniforms and official vehicles.

Here’s a video about ‘Branding the City of Lake Elsinore’.

Video by: Edward Aguirre, Production Video Inc., Temecula, CA.