There Is a Science to Marketing Well.

I explain to my clients, “It always costs more to market yourself poorly“.  Measured by actual results, one new or additional transaction typically returns more than the difference in cost of a quality professional marketing investment.  How much profit are you willing to leave on the table?

Trust.  You do what you do very well, maybe better than any one else.  Rely the Bloomfield Group to do for you what we do best — build brand awareness and your bottom line.

Our Approach.  It’s easy enough to list some basics of marketing.  The greater challenge, and my expertise, is in grasping, defining and properly blending the ingredients of each unique marketing assignment to create the perfect recipe to exceed our clients’ vision of success.  Because every client’s needs are quite different; with different goals, different markets, different challenges, different scope, I know there is no single cookie-cutter solution. Through a simple, cost-sensative consultive process, I formulate a recipe that suits the tastes of our client, and keeps their customers loyal.  It’s how we approach, produce, and deliver each assignment that sets us apart.   and it’s always made to order.

Since 2008, The Bloomfield Group has played a role in growing awareness and the continued success of the annual Milestones In Leadership Summit. Once again, we are please to work with the MILS coalition to help brand, market and promote this fantastic and engaging annual event. View this video to learn more.


Things to consider when developing your marketing strategy and your marketing assets —

  • An appropriate, well-refined logo and slogan
  • Carefully crafted language and suitable terminology
  • A compelling value proposition
  • Strategic placement and proportions of key elements on the page – whether business card, website or brochure, etc.
  • Appropriate color and font selections
  • Brand consistency with contracted content formatting
  • White space
  • Media selection, timing, frequency and scale
  • Market perceptions – internal vs. external
  • And – how you measure the results of any marketing effort (ROI)


Markets Served.  I work with businesses large and small — startups, growing or transitioning.  Our services and solutions apply to virtually any business or organization with a desire to succeed.  What person, product or business doesn’t need to stand apart from the competition, attract more business, and communicate succinctly?  What company doesn’t need a great corporate identity (logo and slogan), a business card or an attractive and compelling website?  And, what business owner doesn’t want to do all this with less effort and with greater ROI?  I haven’t met one yet.

Are you thinking… “We have a pretty good logo.  We put up a website – a few years ago.  Why isn’t the phone ringing?”

Have you looked at your competition lately?  Are you communicating effectively?  Is your message current and accurate, and does it “connect” effectively with your audience?  Is your “look” up to date and appealing? …Probably not.

Less IS More.  Just like a delicious appetizer, the ideal blending of ingredients makes your customer or prospect want more.  Be careful, however, not to over season or over stuff.  Too much of a good thing can cause undesirable results.  Remember, the goal is to generate a positive, memorable impression, as well as trust and loyalty.  You also want to trigger a reason to act.  Tell your audience what to do and when.  Thoughtfully conceived and carefully developed marketing materials will do all this and more.

Appropriate Messaging.  Most business owners and top decision makers know what the company does, and can describe it well.  This strength can be a significant weakness.  I understand how to bridge the void between your offering and your customers’ need or want.  Done well, we can increase the desire and expedite a response.

Budget Sensitivity.  Every business owner wants more for less, but most don’t have the time or expertise to manage the logistics and creative process.  How many times have I heard — The owner’s cousin is going to school as a graphic designer, so they’re doing our marketing for free.  I sure wouldn’t take that bet when jut one new or additional sale or business transaction typically more than pays a quality professional marketing investment.  Remember, ”It always costs more to market yourself poorly“.

Because marketing and design is what I do everyday, I understand better the many changing facets of marketing effectively today.  I’ve developed close relationships with qualified vendors (local and regional printers, web hosting companies, fulfillment houses, etc.), with all the necessary resources to deliver quality and value.  I can provide more options with greater attention to detail than ‘the cousin’.  A business owners that communicates clear goals, provide realistic marketing budget, and isconfident in themselves and in me to let go of image and marketing management